Dmattic 430 (Kit)

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  • R 29,900.00

Lead Time: 6 Weeks 

The Dmattic 430 Desktop CNC Router is a robust tool for anyone that wants to create their wood, plastic ,aluminum and composite designs. It's been designed and built in South Africa.

Sold as a Kit
It's been designed for easy assembly. It takes about a day (5-8 hours) to assemble with basic hand tools.

What's in the Box?

All the components to construct a complete Dmattic 430 which includes the powerful Makita spindle and the standard 6.35mm collet.

  • Cutters
  • 6mm Collet
  • 3mm Reducer

Technical Specifications

Cutting Area:
430mm x 430mm x 70mm
Replaceable Wasteboard

655mm (L) x 626mm (W)

Linear Motion:
-Igus Adjustable Bearings and Drylin W Rails.
-GT Belts and Pulleys

-Arduino Uno with CNC Shield.
-NEMA 23 Stepper Motors
-24V Power Supply


(Needs to be connected to a computer while the machine is running a cut)

This is based on how well the machine is constructed and calibrated by the user but a well-built machine can produce parts within 0.25mm.

Please contact us on to request a sample piece or if you want to enquire about an assembled version.